Improper Apostrophes

I’ve ranted repeatedly about misuse of it’s for the possessive pronoun its, but there are so many more unnecessary apostrophes. Who is to blame?

Prepare to be shocked by this Grammar Cop admission. Unless you scrupulously proofread and edit every social media post, it’s not your fault. That’s what I said. It’s not your fault!

Our devices try to help us speedily comment and text by using intuitive technology like autocomplete and autocorrect. Then there’s speech recognition software, which, unfortunately, is flawed.

Here’s an example:

I just dictated to my iPad the following:

We travel in a small fiberglass travel trailer made by Casita. Because we live in the south and the Casita is diminutive and fun, we named it Dixie Pixie. For more about our experiences, visit my blog at

Siri heard:

We travel in a small fiberglass travel trailer made by Kaseeta because we live in the south in the Kaseeta is diminutive and fun we named it Dixie pixie for more about our experiences is it my blog at Dixie pixie not block.

Granted, I neglected to add punctuation, but lack of sentence breaks is the least of my problems with this transcription. Sheesh!

If you rely on technology, you should proofread before exposing your comment or post to the public. Especially watch for improper use of apostrophes. It’s seems to be the default for its.

It’s not that difficult!

Grammar Cop has been on hiatus, but now she’s back and on a familiar rant. Apostrophes! Stop using apostrophes incorrectly. It isn’t that difficult. 

Do NOT use apostrophes for pronoun possessives: hers, his, yours, ours, theirs, its. 

Do NOT use apostrophes (except in cases of acronyms) for plural: ATMs or ATM’s 

It’s is a contraction of it and is. Its is the possessive of it. It’s not that difficult!

Rant over.

Happy Father’s Day!

In case you didn’t know, today is the Sunday in June we honor the fathers in our lives. You may be tempted to call it “Fathers’ Day” or “Fathers Day” to pluralize it. However, the official (and Grammar Cop-accepted) holiday is called Father’s Day.

If you honor more than one father or dad, remember to use the correct plural form, fathers or dads. There is no apostrophe!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads.