Averse or Adverse?

Two words often confused are averse and adverse. Do you know the difference?

Averse means opposed.  He is averse to all gun control laws.

Adverse means detrimental or harmful.  Some believe liquor advertisements have an adverse effect on sobriety.

A trick to remembering the difference is the word containing a D is the word that means Detrimental.  Or when in doubt, look it up.

Happy writing!

Happy National Grammar Day!

Today is National Grammar Day. Why do we celebrate grammar? As a writer, I celebrate grammar as a discipline because correct syntax, spelling, and usage help me communicate clearly. In a world of acronyms and abbreviations, I need correct grammar to anchor me.

Why is it important to use its instead of it’s for the possessive pronoun form of it? Clarity, my friends. It’s reads it is, which confuses the educated reader if the writer’s intent is its. That’s one example, and there are many.

So while you text and instant message with your abbreviations and shorthand language, keep alive the art of correct grammar. Not everyone understands your lingo. Also, can you imagine reading a fine book like Water For Elephants written as a text message? Horrors!