Greetings of the Season

This time of year, people debate the apostrophe issue of Season’s Greetings

The misuse of apostrophes is a pet peeve. I hate to see it used to form plurals. What’s with that? Apostrophes are for contractions and the possessive form of nouns (not pronouns!). In rare circumstances it can be used to form a plural, but avoid those if you can. So why did I use an apostrophe for season’s greetings?

Here is the Grammar Cop’s position: Season (as in holiday season) is a noun. The speaker/writer is wishing you greetings of the season. In other words, greetings belonging to this time of the year. Grammar Cop will not cite you for misuse of an apostrophe for writing the possessive form of season in your greetings.

Or you may avoid the issue and wish people happy holidays. Just don’t use an apostrophe to form the plural of holildays!